GT’s Continuing Coverage of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most disruptive forces to all levels of American government. This collection represents Government Technology's ongoing coverage of the situation.

by / March 20, 2020

UPDATED: A Resource Guide to Coronavirus for Government Leaders
The novel coronavirus has tested the durability of federal, state and local governments around the country and the world. This list of resources is meant to connect leaders with useful tools to aid in response efforts. READ MORE

Unemployment Claims Surge Nationwide, Testing State Systems
States have never seen the volume of unemployment insurance claims that they have received in recent days. Although some online systems are doing better than others, states urge citizens to utilize virtual services. READ MORE

Hackers Target WHO, Other Health Organizations Fighting COVID-19
The World Health Organization was the target of an unsuccessful cyberattack earlier this month, with hackers trying to steal passwords from agency staffers. Officials say attack attempts have more than doubled in recent weeks. READ MORE

What’s New in Civic Tech: Developers Launch COVID19.NYC
Plus, Bloomberg expands the COVID-19 Local Response Initiative to help communities receiving federal aid, the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation launches a new coronavirus resource site, and more. READ MORE

Disinformation Online Could Be Making the COVID-19 Crisis Worse
According to a new study, online actors may be pushing false narratives through social media to sow chaos. While it's unclear where the information is coming from exactly, it poses dangers to people looking for information. READ MORE

Coronavirus: 9 CIOs Explain How They're Enabling Telework
We asked technology leaders at state and local governments across the country what they're using to enable public servants to work without coming into an office. Here's what nine of them said. READ MORE

What Does the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Mean for Tech?
Lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are poised to pass historic legislation to help nurse the country through the economic woes related to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the technology implications. READ MORE

Desperate times sometimes call for new measures, but U.S. policy and experts suggest that drones will not be used in advanced operations related to COVID-19 without further testing and discussion. READ MORE
Cybercriminals — both political and criminal — are using the global health crisis as an opportunity to target vulnerable organizations and individuals. Telework and general panic are making this mission easier. READ MORE
Taking some cues from the state’s Alpha website project, the new COVID-19 resource webpage offers a "central location for up-to-date and simple guidance" on fighting the fast-moving virus. READ MORE
As institutions shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19, every state has set up a website to inform residents. Here we link to those pages, as well as give daily updates on the number of reported cases in each state. READ MORE
Plus, government advocacy groups create coronavirus resources online; state governments build digital platforms to centralize response efforts; top local gov philanthropy group convenes virtual workshops; and more. READ MORE
Describing rural Americans as "feeling abandoned and desperately in need of help," Rep. Robert Aderholt has asked the Trump administration to address connectivity that enables remote education and health services. READ MORE
The National Association of Counties briefed reporters Wednesday on the needs and demands placed on county governments around the nation as they respond to the evolving new coronavirus crisis. READ MORE

Pennsylvania’s First-Ever CDO Must Adapt to an Evolving Crisis
IT veteran David Partsch has taken over the newly created chief data officer post at a time when agencies and the public are looking to data to better understand the threat posed by the COVID-19 virus. READ MORE 

Hard-Hit Transit Asks Congress for $12.9B in Emergency Funds
The coronavirus is expected to cost public transit around $6 billion in lost revenue in the coming months. As communities across the country opt to limit public exposure, transit agencies will struggle to make ends meet. READ MORE

Coronavirus: 2020 Gov Tech Events Are Moving Online
In the wake of large-scale event cancellations due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and resultant concerns, many scheduled events and panels are moving online to host virtual discussions instead. READ MORE

U.S. HHS Agency Targeted by Cyberattack Amid Coronavirus Crisis
While no data was lost or networks disabled, officials say the Sunday cyberattack seems to have been an effort to slow the Health and Human Services Department's response to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. READ MORE

COVID-19: Federal Bill Would Provide State Election Support
Concerns that the novel coronavirus could hamper turnout for the presidential elections have prompted legislation that could provide $500 million in funding to close gaps and allow for mail-in and drop-off ballot options. READ MORE


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