May 2010


Are the Problems Associated With 911 Call-Taking a National Plight?

Since 911 call-takers and technology are the first line of response when citizens have an emergency, it’s surprising how standards vary throughout the nation.


South Carolina's Public-Private Partnership Brings Interoperability to State Public Safety Communications

Growing emergency communications system serves more than 450 state, county and municipal agencies.

Amateur Radio Operators Provide a Critical Communications Link During Emergencies

Volunteer radio operators provide situational awareness to emergency managers during and after disasters.


Simplifying the Message: Easing Citizens’ Process for Creating Preparedness Plans

Online tools and succinct messages provide straightforward ways to promote disaster preparedness.

Selling Emergency Management: An Unspoken Job Function (Column)

Emergency managers’ jobs require more than disaster mitigation and recovery, marketing is another important component.

Evaluating How Well State, Local Health Departments Minimized the Spread of H1N1

Questions to help public health officials and emergency managers analyze the effectiveness of H1N1 outreach.


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