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How Rural America Might Get Creative to Achieve High-Speed Internet

Plus, Atlanta seeking smart city infrastructure, more ideas from the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge, and more.

by / April 10, 2018


How Rural America Might Get Creative to Achieve High-Speed Internet Though there has been progress, there's still a big gap between high-speed Internet access in rural areas compared with cities. So governments in those areas thinking outside the box to try to close the distance.

Atlanta Issues RFP, Seeking Smart City Infrastructure Ideas Atlanta has about 90 smart city projects underway. Now, it's looking for advice on what kind of infrastructure it needs to carry those efforts to the finish line.
Even More Ideas from the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge Using rideshare apps as tools for economic development. Weaving survey results into agency decision making. Brining augmented and virtual reality into the planning process. Here are parts four and five of a series examining ideas in this year's Bloomberg Mayors Challenge.
Schenectady, N.Y., Fire Department Turns to New Mobile Code Enforcement Software The software, called Municity, will allow officers to file code enforcement reports from tablets and will automatically share information with the right employees.
St. Louis Transit Offers Safety App for Riders The St. Louis Metro Transit agency is offering riders an app from a company called SafeTrek that allows users to quickly and discreetly notify law enforcement if they are in danger.


How the Feds Distributed Election Security Money For the most part, this year's federal election security grants were handed out the way one might expect: States with more people got more money. But among the states that got the most money, one stood out.


GovTech company on our radar this week:

TRAXyL: Installing fiber cables by, essentially, gluing them to roadways with a "durable road-surface bonding material" that lets customers avoid digging.
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