Oregon Experiencing Widespread Connectivity Issues

A problem with “some network infrastructure hardware” has been affecting state agencies since Friday morning. The intermittent connectivity issues are impacting access to state websites and call centers.

by / August 5, 2019

Widespread connectivity issues are plaguing Oregon state government agencies, according to a release from the state issued Monday.   

A problem with "some network infrastructure hardware" has been causing latency issues for the state's executive, legislative and judicial branches since Friday morning, according to the alert

The problem — whatever the origin — is causing issues with phone lines, call centers and online services, according to multiple statements from various government agencies. 

Oregon State Police, for instance, tweeted out Monday about midday: "State network issues affecting phones & online services. No estimate for when the problems will be fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on getting this restored."  


A banner along the top of some Oregon.gov websites reads: "Intermittent network connectivity issues may delay accessing state websites and call centers. The state is working to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience."

Similarly, the Oregon Department of Transportation reported via Twitter Monday morning that "state network issues" were affecting its phone and online services. However, by late afternoon ODOT said that its network problem had been "resolved" and that phones and online services were working once again, a representative confirmed.  

The Oregon Health Authority first reported having connectivity problems Friday. On Monday, the agency tweeted out: "State of #Oregon websites and phone lines continue to have intermittent connection issues. This means if you call our customer service lines or visit our websites, you may get an error." 

The full flash alert from the state reads: "The state has been experiencing intermittent network connectivity issues (latency) since Friday morning due to an issue with some network infrastructure hardware. This issue is impacting the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches. Members of the public may experience delays with accessing state websites and call centers."

As of Friday, the state's Enterprise Security Office said it would complete an analysis of what had occurred. 

Lucas Ropek Staff Writer

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