Coconino County, Ariz., Taps SpaceX for Rural Broadband Trial

May 6 marked the beginning of a 45-household rural broadband trial in Coconino County, Ariz., where Elon Musk's SpaceX will provide satellite-based Internet. The county first met with the company in 2019.

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(TNS) — Coconino County is partnering with SpaceX to provide 45 rural households with reliable high-speed Internet.

Earlier this month, the aerospace manufacturer founded by Elon Musk launched several dozen satellites into low orbit that are designed to provide broadband Internet.

That launch could be seen throughout the state and even country.

According to a county media release, the effort to bring Internet to some northern Arizona homes began in 2019 when Coconino County Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Lena Fowler and Coconino County's chief information officer, Matt Fowler, both met with the company.

The county secured agreements to utilize "SpaceX beta technology" to make Internet accessible to rural areas of Coconino County.

And Coconino County successfully became an early customer of SpaceX, purchasing and launching Starlink Internet in a 45-household trial on May 6.

"We know the critical need for quality, reliable Internet access to rural Coconino County. Our families and workforce need to be connected to compete in today's market, grow in their education, and enhance their quality of life. Coconino County, once again, leads the way by providing Internet access through an innovative and resourceful partnership," Fowler said in a statement.

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