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The Value of Open Hybrid Cloud

Transform the citizen and student experience through innovation

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The Future of Citizen Services is Digital

For many state and local agencies, providing citizen services quickly while embracing emerging technologies is difficult.  To meet these and other challenges, it’s clear that the future of government is digital. This means using innovative technologies to transform how agencies do business—while achieving cost savings and driving more value for citizens in the process.

Integrating different application elements across cloud boundaries is the heart of hybrid cloud. Find out about the opportunities for digital transformation in government offered by open hybrid cloud, whether you are looking to provide a consistent, secure, and more agile application platform or create a more agile and secured hybrid cloud stack.

  • The mission is citizen services—not troubleshooting equipment failures. Learn how to face new challenges like rising expectations, resource constraints and be responsive.
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  • Transportation and critical infrastructure agencies face urgent challenges through modernization to meet the evolving needs of citizens.
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  • State and Local government agencies feel pressure from citizens to move with the same agility as innovative consumer brands. Learn how these agencies meet these challenges.
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Jumping onto the cloud is easy. Getting it right is somewhat trickier. Getting it right for the long term is a big challenge. Find out how a good cloud strategy helps you and your organization work things out, makes sure all the bits and pieces fit together well, and improves the odds of realizing your business goals.
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Cloud security is the protection of data, applications and infrastructures involved in cloud services and cloud computing. Many aspects of security for cloud environments — whether it’s a public, private or hybrid cloud — are the same as for any on-premise IT architecture.
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Preventing cyber criminals from gaining unauthorized access to their systems and infrastructure has never been more pertinent. Many breaches that occur are the result of configuration errors.
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Public safety agencies can build a hub for better, lower-cost services with Red Hat® Integration, a comprehensive set of technologies to connect law-enforcement databases, applications, and external data sources. Red Hat Integration helps agencies avoid vendor lock-in because it is built on open source software. You can deploy it on-premise or in a public cloud—on bare metal, on virtual machines, or in containers—and switch to another cloud whenever it makes sense.
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What’s next in the Post-COVID Public Sector?

COVID-19 compounded existing challenges for governments, colleges and universities, and teaching hospitals. These organizations were already struggling to meet rising expectations with aging infra-structure and more complex IT. With the pandemic came new hurdles, like telework and a massive surge in online services. At Red Hat, we were inspired to see organizations across the U.S. innovate to serve their citizens and overcome pandemic obstacles in creative ways — despite constrained budgets and furloughed workers.

Discover 5 ways to come back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic with automation and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

  • Do more with less, with automation.
  • Enable a remote workforce with automation.
  • Modernize aging infrastructure with hybrid cloud.
  • Process data where it is generated — at the network’s edge.
  • Accelerate the journey to the cloud and edge computing with Red Hat technologies and services.


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