New Faces Take the Lead for State and Local Gov Tech in 2019

At the state, county and city levels there has been an influx of chief information officers who are new to either their positions or government itself. They offer insight into what they’re working on and what’s ahead.

by / June 2019
Gary Brantley, Atlanta Commissioner and CIO e.republic/David Kidd

This year’s freshman public CIOs have their hands full. At the state and local levels, newly hired tech chiefs find themselves confronting a range of challenges and opportunities. 

The opportunities abound: Recently arrived CIOs talk about delivering on the promise of IT to make government smarter, more responsive and more accountable. But the challenges are not trivial. Budget constraints, entrenched cultures and the staggering breadth of needs all conspire to make for some heavy lifting. 

We asked a roundup of state and city information chiefs that are just getting started to sound off about the role of the tech exec circa 2019. Here they share their goals and clue us in on their strategies for success.

Gary Brantley, Atlanta Commissioner and CIO

Douglas Murdock, Hawaii CIO

Ron Guerrier, Illinois CIO and Secretary of Innovation and Technology

Ervan Rodgers, Ohio CIO

Theresa Szczurek, Colorado CIO

Jim Weaver, Washington CIO

David Elges, Boston CIO


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