Open Data Leader Waldo Jaquith Heads to 18F

The federal government innovation group 18F has hired the Sunlight Foundation's senior technology adviser to further its open data work.

by / July 5, 2016
Open data advocate Waldo Jaquith will begin working for 18F in September. David Kidd/e.Republic

Where’s Waldo?

If the question refers to transparency and open data advocate Waldo Jaquith, you’ll soon find him at 18F, the federal government’s team of ex-Silicon Valley tech innovators. On July 1, without naming his specific title or duties, Jaquith announced that in September, he will join the digital consultancy to help agencies benefit from open data. 

Jaquith has served as senior technology adviser for the Sunlight Foundation; as the director of U.S. Open Data, an organization that publishes government data online; and as a member of the White House’s Open Data Working Group, which advises in the areas of policy and open source software design.

Jaquith said that as of yet, he did not know what his specific duties would be, but his tweet confirmed that open data would be at the heart of it, whether working on technical aspects like application programming interfaces or acting as a spokesman.

Some of his most notable accolades include creating the The State Decoded, a platform that makes state legal codes, court decisions and legislative tracking service data understandable to citizens, and developing the legislative software Data SEAL, which helps open data in legislation. Jaquith was named one of Government Technology’s Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers this year for helping to advance public-sector open data efforts.

He told Government Technology that updates on his new position and title would be forthcoming via the General Services Administration, 18F's parent agency.