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Bird Pilots Electric Motorcycle, Increases Accessibility

Plus, a laser that turns moon dust into material that can be used to print 3-D objects and build structures on the lunar surface, and the stunning number of fake accounts Facebook reports removing from its site.

by / July/August 2019


This summer, Bird, one of the big names in scooter shares, is set to roll out its newest  micromobility offering: an electric motorcycle. The Bird Cruiser carries up to two adults and features hydraulic disc braking, a padded seat, a 52-volt battery, and pedals or pegs to rest your feet on. While it will initially only be available in select locations, the motorcycle has the potential to expand last-mile travel options for those with accessibility issues who cannot ride a scooter.
Source: Engadget

3 Billion

Between October 2018 and March 2019, Facebook removed 3 billion fake accounts from its site, according to a report released by the social media giant. The aim of the Community Standards Enforcement Report, the company’s third, is to help users understand how it handles misuse and violations online. While some critics say Facebook’s gigantic size is a hindrance to its ability to moderate content, including hate speech, spam and terrorist propaganda, among other issues, CEO Mark Zuckerberg argues that breaking up the company would actually make conduct policies harder to enforce.
Source: Wired

Moon Landing

It sounds like the stuff of sci-fi, but German scientists have developed a laser that turns moon dust into material that can be used to print 3-D objects. The device would solve two issues of lunar exploration: the cost of getting tools and materials to the moon and the annoyance and inconvenience of moon dust, which can clog machines and harm astronauts’ health. Called MOONRISE, the device weighs about six-and-a-half pounds and melts lunar dust down and forms it into new materials, primarily bricks that could be used to build structures. The goal is to have the tech ready for a 2021 German moon mission.
Source: Digital Trends

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