Can This App Find Your Next Job?

A not-yet-developed mobile app would always run behind the scenes to notify potential employers of your presence.

by / May 24, 2013

Can This App Find Your Next Job?

Connecting people is one of the great things technology does. And JobProx, a proposed mobile app and service, does just this by allowing recruiters or hiring managers to be notified when qualified job seekers are nearby because the app is always running in the background of a user's device.

App users can, by making themselves available through the proximity feature, show more than just their resumes -- they can also show their faces through the JobProx video conference. 

Though a novel concept, the project has met limited success on IndieGogo, with nearly all of it’s $10,000 goal unfunded and just days left to meet that goal.

Trunk: The Tangle-Free iPhone Cord

As technology advances, more and more of the annoyances that use to exist are becoming but faint memories. Take dial-up Internet. After that one bit the dust, users no longer had to worry about logging out to use the phone or keeping track of usage to prevent receiving an enormous dial-up bill in the mail. Operating systems are becoming more intuitive, and increasingly more software processes that once required manual programming are now completed automatically and instantly.

One thing that hasn’t yet been sorted out, however, is power cables. They’re still a mess, and they’re still necessary. So one company created a phone charging cable that eliminates the mess. Wireless power may someday be a reality, but until that wonderful, carcinogenic day, there’s Trunk, a short posable cord for your iPhone that can’t get tangled.

Trunk can be bent in various positions and used as both a charger and a stand. It can be used in the car as a phone holder, or as a deco-art piece on your desk. It connects to your laptop's USB port and remains upright, allowing you to see the screen with ease. And perhaps most importantly, it won’t get tangled, because, well ... it can’t.

With broadband Internet and untangleable phone chargers, we should all be sure to hug an engineer the next time we see one. 

Hi-Tech M.O.U.S

Though the M.O.U.S.9 Wireless Mouse is designed for gamers, the device was crafted with everyday use in mind: It features a laser sensor that can track on virtually any surface -- even glass. 

Not only does the M.O.U.S.9 look somewhat like a racey sports car (who doesn't want to liven up their desk a bit?), but it's also quite functional. The various buttons can be programmed for such things as readymade profiles for Adobe creative suite and Windows office, and users can customize their own commands with a simple drag and drop system.

This fancy mouse, made by Mad Catz, is available at various retail outlets, and ranges in price from about $113 to nearly $190.

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