New Products from GoSmart, Hippih, Logitech

Wrist rest, key ring alarm, iPad keyboard folio.

by Miriam Jones / June 26, 2013
Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Logitech

Wrist Rest  

The GoSmart RestPad features a removable sheepskin wrist rest designed to give pressure relief for anyone using a computer for hours, for those with repetitive wrist injury, or for those suffering with carpal tunnel. The wrist rest area is also large and rounded to maximize user comfort. Other features include a rigid construction with a high friction rubber base so users always have a flat and stable area for maneuvering a mouse. The RestPad comes in beige, brown and pink.

Key Ring Protection  

Hippih’s hipKey key ring connects wirelessly to an iPhone or iPad and alerts the user with a loud alarm when the two devices are moved too far out of range from each other. hipKey is made from anodized aluminum for a lifetime of use in a pocket or bag. The device uses Bluetooth Smart 4.0 technology to connect to a phone or tablet, providing a secure wireless connection with long battery life. Users can set the distance before an alarm is triggered and adjust the alarm volume from within the app.

Stylish Cover   

The Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad features a Bluetooth keyboard with keys seamlessly fused into its interior fabric. The folio’s fabrics are treated with a liquid-repellent coating. Hidden magnets hold the iPad in two convenient positions, snapping the tablet securely into typing mode and ensuring that the folio stays shut when the user moves around. The folio is offered in a range of colors from Electric Blue and Sunflower Yellow to Mars Red Orange, and in an array of fabrics from matte leather to finely woven cotton.