Product Review: Belkin Mini Surge Protector

Power electronics with your personal, portable outlet station.

by / September 21, 2012
Image courtesy of Belkin
We’ve all been there: You hear a beep on your cell phone or get a pop-up notification on your laptop or tablet warning you that your battery is low. Somehow low battery warnings happen when it’s least convenient, like when your creative juices are flowing and you’re zoned in on a project; you’re typing furiously to make an urgent deadline; or worse, you’re trying to close a major deal. To top it off, it might be a travel day and you’re at the airport, where you’re casing the facilities looking for an outlet, which often are in short supply.
One nifty solution that will give you a jolt of energy is Belkin’s Mini Surge Protector. The lightweight and portable surge protector has a 360 degree rotating plug with four locking positions. The device can transform one mere outlet into your very own portable outlet station, since it’s designed with two USB ports and three AC outlets, making it a convenient way to charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop and whatever other gadgets that need some juice.
I’ve been using the Belkin Mini Surge for a few months both at home and in the office to simultaneously charge my laptop and phone — all while having available outlets for other electronics and appliances. 
The surge protector retails at $24.99 and is about the size of a remote control, giving users the power to conveniently manage their energy needs.
Karen Stewartson

Karen Stewartson served as the managing editor of Government Technology for many years. She also contributed to Public CIO and Emergency Management magazines.