What Makes the iPhone X Worth $1,000?

Apple introduced its latest iteration of its iPhone, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

by Patrick May, The Mercury News / September 12, 2017

(TNS) -- Apple on Tuesday introduced its latest iteration of its iPhone. In classic fashion, they started with the iPhone 8, and built up to the ultra-pricey iPhone X. Let’s walk through, shall we?


CEO Tim Cook praised the powerful phone as a global game-changer, first introduced 10 years ago. After a quick historical round-up of all the features Apple has added to the product over the past decade, he introduced Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, to describe the iPhone 8:

  • new colors, including silver and a new gold finish;
  • 7-layer color process;
  • glass reinforced by laser-welded steel structure, the most ”durable glass ever in a smartphone;”
  • sealed for water and dust intrusion;
  • more “color accuracy” and 3D touch
  • screen can ”read” the ambient light around it;
  • louder speakers with a deeper bass;
  • brand new powerful performance six-core chip, called A11 Bionic;
  • first-ever Apple-designed GPU, 30 percent faster than previous versions of the phone;
  • faster auto-focus in low-light for photography;
  • improved noise-reduction;
  • new camera, including all-new sensor, new color filter and improved optical image stabilization;
  • includes two kinds of cameras, including a telephoto and technology for low-light photography;
  • upgraded portrait mode in the camera, akin to a professional photo thanks to new ”portrait lighting” feature that incorporates machine-learning in real-time;
  • real-time lighting filters you can use as you shoot your photo;
  • “highest quality video capture” of any smartphone;
  • new augmented reality feature, which includes new gyroscope and accelerometer;
  • improved game technology;
  • cool new apps like ”At Bat” which lets you point to a player in a live game and call up his stats;
  • new wireless charging feature, so “you’ll never have to plug in a charger again;”
  • 64 GB and 256 GB $699
  • Plus will run $799, available to order Sept. 15;


Cook returned to the stage and said ”we’re not stopping there.”

“We do have ‘one more thing,”’ he said to loud applause, channeling his inner Jobs.

He called it “The Future of the iPhone.”

On the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, Cook proudly revealed a product that’ll ”set the path for technology for the next decade.”

A slick video showed the “iPhone X,” which Cook called by its non-Roman-numeral name, or ”ten.” This may dispel rumors that “X” stands for “exclusive.”

He invited Schiller back onto the stage, who laid out the features of the new phone:

  • new screen, edge-to-edge display; glass on front and back;
  • water and dust-resistant;
  • all-new display called “Super Retina Display” 5.8-inches on the diagonal;
  • OLED technology features great contrast and high resolution;
  • no more home button; now just swipe up from the bottom and go to home screen;
  • slide up to multi-task;
  • to call up Siri, just say “Hey, Siri” or press a side button which is now larger than before;
  • to unlock the iPhone X, you now just look at it and it recognizes you; it’s called Face ID;
  • a ”True-Depth Camera System,” includes an infrared camera and ”dot projector” that allows the iPhone X to recognize your face;
  • an “A11 Bionic neural engine” that process face recognition;
  • it remembers your face, even if you change your hair style or start wearing a hat; it adapts to you if you, say, start growing a beard;
  • engineers used human masks made in Holllywood to create the face-recognition feature, which Apple says has layered security in place to protect the data;
  • one in a million chance that a random person could unlock your phone with their face;
  • Face ID works with Apple Pay and third-party apps like eTrade;
  • longer battery life;
  • using a small mat called AirPower, you can place your iPhone, Watch or even ear pods to wirelessly charge, starting in 2018;
  • and last but not least . . .
  • the iPhone X will cost $999 and you can order it in October and have it in your hands in early November.

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