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Daviess County, Ind., Buys New Jail Security System

Daviess County Commissioners accepted a $346,000 bid from Security Automation System of Indianapolis for new cameras and recording equipment.

by Mike Grant, Washington Times-Herald / April 12, 2018

(TNS) — New cameras and audio equipment will be going up at the Daviess County Jail. The Daviess County, Ind., Commissioners accepted a bid of $346,000 from Security Automation System of Indianapolis for new cameras and recording equipment. Officials say the upgrade was sorely needed.

“Our security center cameras have been on the fritz for a long time,” said Daviess County Commissioner Michael Taylor. “The system has been there since the jail was built 14 to 15 years ago. They’ve had a lot of problems. This will get us back up to par and back into the 21st century.”

“It’s going to be a good thing,” added Sheriff Jerry Harbstreit. “We have had some cameras out for quite some time. The ones we have working are getting to be poor quality and it is hard to identify individuals.”

The company says it will install the system in 300 days. That is considerably longer than a competing bid, but county officials say they were not confident the other firm could deliver the system on time.

“My personal opinion is I don’t believe the other vendor could get done in that time,” said Daviess County Information Technology Director Dale Quakenbush. “They were going to reuse boards that were already in there. Those are 14 years old. You can’t tell me nothing has changed. Service is also an issue. We have things that have been broken more than 180 days and they say that’s all the longer it will take to put in a new system.”

That new system will not only put upgraded replacement cameras in place, it will also include additional cameras, improved audio systems, all new wiring and a three year warranty.

Officials believe the new security cameras will increase safety at the jail.

“It helps us with our liability issues,” said Harbstreit. “Security cameras provide close and accurate coverage of what’s going on in the building. Even cameras outside to help with security during trips to the courthouse. Hopefully, these will help keep everybody in line.”

The county is looking to try and integrate the system into more of its facilities including the new annex. “My next step will be to send them the blueprint for the annex and get a quote for that,” said Quakenbush. “One note, the city is installing this system in the city building this week. If we should go with a combined dispatch everything will tie in together.”

“Hopefully we can integrate it with the city, the annex and even the courthouse,” added Taylor.

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