Minnesota Improves Offender Management System

Department of Corrections streamlines mandated reporting and improves statewide rehabilitation tracking.

by / October 20, 2003
ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The Minnesota Department of Corrections (MDOC) sought a way to track inmates better and improve reporting.

MDOC operates 10 correctional facilities within the state, tracks offender demographics, costs and program effectiveness to fulfill legislative reporting requirements. While the existing offender data system provides suitable baseline reports, it lacks the robust data structure and powerful analytical engine required to accurately and consistently transform tactical data into actionable information.

MDOC is implementing Informatica's PowerAnalyzer business intelligence software and underlying data integration platform to help track and improve key performance metrics such as offender programming and rehabilitation.

The software will provide an practical front end for analyzing legislatively mandated statistics on offender data, including convictions, incarcerations and inmate program participation. The solution will enable research, program and administrative staff to apply accessible, scalable business intelligence software to assess the success of offender rehabilitation programs and help meet the department's reporting, analysis, and performance management objectives.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
Platforms & Programs