Nebraska Trial Court Case Information Now Available Online

Nebrask@ Online's JUSTICE system offers searchable trial court case information.

by / May 25, 2004
LINCOLN, Neb. -- Finding trial court case information just got easier, thanks to the newest service offered through the state's official Web site. Nebrask@ Online continues its recent digital democracy push by offering searchable trial court case information for all but one of Nebraska's 186 county and district courts.

Known as the JUSTICE system, the effort is a collaboration with the office of the State Court Administrator and the Nebraska Supreme Court. The JUSTICE system provides access to more than four million court cases in all 93 county courts and 92 of the state's 93 district courts.

More than 100,000 online searches have been conducted since the system launched in March 2003.

"The new system allows quick and easy access to court records statewide, which is a significant step forward for Nebraska's courts," said State Court Administrator Frank Goodroe. "I'm pleased that we are able to provide this service and look forward to implementing more e-government initiatives in the future."

JUSTICE restricts access to some information, including adoption case records, names and addresses of victims and witnesses in criminal cases, and sealed juvenile record information.

Access to the JUSTICE system is available via subscription to Nebrask@ Online. There will be no charge for an initial name search, which will produce a list of possible matches. Users who conduct searches by case number or choose to access case detail information will be charged $0.60 per record. A monthly flat fee of $300 is also available for high-volume users.

Nebraska Interactive is the network manager for Nebrask@ Online and provides electronic government solutions for the state. Nebraska Interactive is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIC.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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