Police: Registering Security Cameras Can Help Solve Crimes

Police in Decatur, Ill., are urging private citizens and local businesses to register security cameras, because if a crime is committed in view of a camera, police will be able to quickly request footage.

by Kennedy Nolen, Herald & Review / October 9, 2019

(TNS) — People and businesses who have external surveillance cameras can now register them with the Decatur, Ill., Police Department, creating a system that officers can access to help investigate crime.

Officer George Kestner said in a statement that owners can register their private external security cameras on the city website, decaturil.gov, by submitting the location, system details and contact information.

The department believes working with the community to expand the use of existing technology will assist in improving public safety in Decatur, Kestner said.

If a crime is committed in view of a security camera, police will be able to search the registration data and contact the owner with a request to view the footage, he said.

"Having this information readily available will allow the officers to investigate crimes more efficiently," Kestner said.

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