Richmond Department of Juvenile Justice Deploys Tracking

Virginia agency adds GPS devices.

by / May 13, 2004
RICHMOND, Va. -- The Richmond, Va., Department of Juvenile Justice has added GPS tracking units.

The department has a staff of more than 100 youth counselors, case managers, truant officers and others who work closely with the Richmond Police Department, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court staff, Juvenile Court Judges, and staff in the Richmond Public Schools to provide coordinated community services to delinquent youths.

Each year, approximately 900 young people and their families are served by the department, with the majority of services being provided in their homes and/or their schools. The department's services include prevention, diversion activities, court-ordered services, residential care and secure confinement.

"Using iSECUREtrac's GPS tracking will assist us in holding juveniles accountable for their actions and will also help us protect our community from delinquency," said Leroy Adams, director of the Department of Juvenile Justice.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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