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Elevate the customer experience and earn the trust of residents.

Improve mission impact by integrating data from multiple systems into a single source of truth - making it easy to deliver effective service, enhance employee productivity, and modernize IT.

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The Utah Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity demonstrates speed, confidence, and commitment – everything that defines a community leader – as it delivers COVID-19 support for local businesses.
The Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments (WY OSLI) is a revenue-generating agency that manages the State’s collective 7.3 million acres of trust land – land that was issued in a grant by the Federal Government upon statehood back in 1890 with the stipulation that each and every acre would be held in a trust dedicated to support Wyoming’s public schools and institutions.
Austin's community pride comes with a determination to make the city's vision of Austin being the most livable city in the country not just a slogan, but a reality. This includes a commitment to serving everyone in the community, and particularly people who are historically underserved and who struggle to access resources.
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The pandemic has caused a massive overhaul of government services — which could be beneficial for Gen Z’s interactions with government processes. In a 2021 Salesforce Industries Index, U.S. survey respondents ranked the public sector as one of the lowest-ranked industries in its ability to deliver a satisfactory customer experience. This same research shows Gen Z doesn’t believe finding government information online is easy or intuitive.
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Responsible for promoting economic growth and stability in the state of Wisconsin, DSPS licenses and regulates more than 200 types of credentials (think pharmacists, registered nurses and dental hygienists) to ensure both the protection of trade professions and of Wisconsinites. "Our job is to make sure people who are ready to enter the workforce can do that as easily as possible," said Jennifer Garrett, DSPS director of public affairs.
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The key to attracting and retaining top talent lies partly in reimagining the function of staffing and considering the entire Employee Experience. The impending cliff of resignations presents a potential crisis for a workforce that already faced a significant retirement wave.
This handbook lays out the challenges facing governments, outlines the key components of technology platforms and offers strategies for governments to take advantage of modern "plug and play" approaches to transform their IT infrastructure.
Keeping up with evolving technologies and expectations has created a constant pressure on the public sector because businesses run very large, complicated, systems with limited resources to update them more frequently. Learn how that has changed in the past year.
Work is no longer a place people go. But many government agencies are not able to fully support the hybrid approaches people crave, a reality that will disadvantage them in a tightening labor market, where the most competitive talent demands flexibility.
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Whether its inquiring about unemployment insurance claims, filing a community complaint or checking the status of a permit, citizens want information from their government quickly and through their channel of choice. The pandemic only magnified this need and growing citizen requests quickly overwhelmed most agency call centers – except for those that already had a cloud foundation.
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The pandemic was a jumpstart into digital transformation for many health and human services and public health agencies. New capabilities and tools emerged, including cloud-based solutions that agencies could rapidly implement. In some cases, agencies had access to near real-time data, giving them the ability to act quickly as situations changed.
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Measures, which ordered the closure of schools, childcare facilities, workplaces and public buildings, created secondary hardships that now challenge the wellbeing of young children and their families.
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Meet the industry's next trailblazer. The team in New Hanover County is tasked with ensuring a sustainable future and prosperous community for the residents living coast side.
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In this Fourth Industrial Revolution technology is blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. As new technologies emerge companies must adopt new workforce development strategies.
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COVID-19 brought urgency to the need to modernize and visualizer licensing, permitting and inspection (LPI), but the temporary fixes adopted during the pandemic need a permanent solution.
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The City of Chicago’s 311 City Services Call Center manages non-emergency services and inquiries for the entire community. Learn how they transformed their call center into a modern contact center, unlocking back-office information to self-service capabilities across a single, connected experience.
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After it launched an integrated eligibility system Washington D.C.'s DHCF launched myDCAS, a centralized caseworker portal and knowledge access system, to provide employees the information they need to help answer constituent eligibility questions and process applications within a single system.
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Exploring ways to serve your mission in new ways, but not quite sure where to start? You're in the right place. Take this assessment to help determine the tools you need to meet your goals.
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The Government AppExchange focuses on sharing capabilities across government and the public leading to greater efficiency and eliminates redundancies. Find solutions to build stronger connections between citizens, employees, and government services.
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The Douglas-Omaha Technology Commission (DOTComm) maintains and supports all IT applications used across the city and county. Learn how moving to the cloud modernized the experience for agencies and constituents.
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Forrester Consulting conducted a study to examine the ROI government may realize with case management solutions. The study includes use cases that center on customer-facing contact centers and agency-to-agency grants management.
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