Brief: FBI Cooperating on Suspected Cleveland Hopkins Intl. Hack

The city has been mum about what sources say was a malware attack against the city-owned airport. Though Mayor Frank Johnson’s administration would not confirm, the FBI said it is conducting an assessment.

by Robert Higgs, Advance Ohio Media / April 25, 2019
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Shutterstock/Karl R. Martin

(TNS) — For a fourth day, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is relying on staff to help travelers find flights and baggage while the airport wrestles with malfunctioning electronic information boards.

Flight and baggage information boards and the airport’s email system have been offline all week. Three sources in a position to know told on Wednesday that the info boards and email went down after a hacker introduced malware into the system.

But Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration has declined to provide any details on what caused the outages or whether any foul play was suspected.

The FBI, meanwhile, confirmed to Tuesday that it was involved, cooperating with Cleveland City Hall in the assessment of the technical problems.

The malfunctioning systems have had no impact on flights or airport security, the city reported.

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