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Chicago Implements Emergency Telephone Notification Service

Target notification calls citizens to provide critical information in times of crisis.

by / November 20, 2003
CHICAGO -- Chicago sought to reliably distribute critical, event-specific information to geographically distinct portions of the population in times of crisis.

The city has deployed Intrado's IntelliCast Target Notification, an emergency telephone notification tool for rapidly distributing critical information to citizens. This service is the newest addition to the city's homeland security arsenal, protecting Chicago's 2.9 million citizens.

Telephone notification is the next level in public safety. According to the latest industry data, 97.9 percent of the nation's population can be reached by wireline telephone, and each line can be associated with a specific location on a map. Notification systems can help with quick evacuation, child abduction and terrorist threats.

"Keeping our residents informed during a crisis is a number one priority," said Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. "Integrating emergency telephone notification into our public safety plans is now standard procedure."

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
E.REPUBLIC Platforms & Programs