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Chattanooga, Tennessee PD streamlines crime-fighting process

by / June 5, 2003
CASTLE HAYNE, N.C. -- VisionAIR, a provider of public safety and criminal justice software, has signed a contract with the Chattanooga, Tennessee Police Department. The City of Chattanooga purchased VisionMOBILE, VisionRMS and VisionFBR for its Regional Law Enforcement Agency, a multi-jurisdictional network of local law enforcement agencies focused on crime prevention. The suite of VisionAIR solutions will enable 500 law enforcement officers in 10 agencies to quickly and easily access and share criminal records, improving law enforcement practices across the multiple police departments. With a population of more than 150,000 residents within its 127 square miles, Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in Tennessee.

"Immediate access to criminal and civil information is critical to the success of our police officers," said Beverly Muse, technology project manager for the Chattanooga Police Department. "We needed a reliable technology solution that could be utilized across the multiple law enforcement departments. VisonAIR's solutions will enable our officers to access and share criminal data anywhere they are located, increasing the safety of both the officers and citizens in the greater Chattanooga area."

Under the terms of the contract, the city purchased three of VisionAIR's public safety solutions, including:
-- VisionMOBILE--a wireless information solution used to send and receive dispatch calls, access crime information, communicate with other officers and provide immediate status updates to their departments via laptop computers.
-- VisionRMS--an advanced law enforcement records management system that facilitates the efficient management of vital, agency-specific records, including incidents and arrests, cases, evidence and property, citations, warrants, civil papers, traffic accidents, internal affairs and any type of internal document.
-- VisionFBR--a paperless reporting application that allows officers to enter reports from the field directly into laptop computers. The paperless reports can be transmitted wirelessly from VisionMOBILE to VisionRMS, or saved offline to a disk from any location.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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