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Escondido Police Department Adopts Criminal Investigative Solution

Software includes digital booking and mugshot system

by / July 23, 2003
ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- The Escondido Police Department, one of the largest police departments in San Diego County, has implemented a complete criminal investigative solution from ImageWare Systems.

It includes a digital imaging solution for automated capture, storage and retrieval of booking images and related information; a facial recognition program; and a lineup enhancement tool to create consistent images and non-prejudicial photo lineups.

"Our objective is to quickly and efficiently streamline our booking and investigative processes as well as electronically synchronize our adult and juvenile arrestee information," said Lt. Tom Albergo of the Escondido PD.

The department has implemented the solution for booking stations at both the adult and juvenile facilities, converted and imported all existing records, and created customized ARGIS templates for automatic field reporting.

The Escondido PD can capture arrestees' photos and booking information from both the juvenile and adult facilities. This data is automatically transmitted into the main centralized server, which allows officers to perform efficient investigative procedures such as searches, photo lineups and mugbooks. The department can quickly and accurately conduct facial recognition searches against their mugshot database from a variety of sources, such as scanned photos, suspect composites and video surveillance images.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
E.REPUBLIC Platforms & Programs