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Fayette County, Tennessee Boosts Emergency Response

County selects mapping system for dispatchers

by / June 18, 2003
FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. -- Fayette County, Tennessee announced the county's adoption of the GeoConex integrated mapping system. The system offers numbering and addressing data and geographic information system (GIS) data with precision base mapping, creating a single-point interface for dispatchers. The implementation will also provide dispatchers with wireless phone numbers and caller identities as well as latitude/longitude (lat/long) caller location.

The county 911 office will maintain an accurate, up-to-date address map for dispatchers. As addresses are added or changed, dispatchers will have immediate access to this data. Fayette County will be incorporating new GIS base maps to provide additional information to dispatchers. The mapping database "can be shared with all the entities in our 911 district: city, county, utility, real estate - anyone needing a base map integrated with addressing," said Jeff Hollis, chairman of the Fayette County 911 Board.

Fayette County E-911 is the only public safety answering point for the entire county, serving 15 local fire stations, six law enforcement entities, and two ambulance quarters. Seven dispatch professionals and two mapping editors will use the company's system, serving more than 30,000 citizens.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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