Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Implements Records Management System

Ohio agency replaces imaging system.

by / April 14, 2004
CINCINNATI -- The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) in Cincinnati, Ohio, was faced with the challenge of an expensive upgrade or replacement of its existing proprietary imaging system in order to expand document management to all HCSO divisions -- including a staff of 1,000 using 500 computers. To meet this challenge, HCSO decided to purchase a new, "open" system that could be integrated into the entire organization. The agency has selected Document Imaging Solutions to provide a customized e-DMS/Workflow enterprisewide content management system.

e-DMS/Workflow is a content, document, and records management system for enterprise networks and/or the Web. It manages documents throughout their life cycle, from authoring and/or capture through review, approval, distribution and archiving.

HCSO's new system is more than just document imaging -- it provides a data management system with document management capabilities. HCSO captures, stores and manages content from many different sources of output, such as incident reports, accident reports and criminal offenses; as many as 60 fields of information are captured from each report. These documents are then also available for viewing by HCSO staff. The system was initially implemented in the Records division and immediately expanded to include Corrections inmate accounts.

"Our next phase is to implement e-DMS/Workflow in every division. The open structure makes it easy to set up additional document types or projects for other divisions within the Sheriff's Office," said Diedra Burns, information technology manager for HCSO. "We anticipate future savings in both time and money -- staff won't have to learn new systems, and new projects can be programmed/implemented quickly by internal staff."
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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