Macon Police Department Increases Data Storage and Sharing

Georgia city implements secure repository and delivery system.

by / October 22, 2003
MACON, Ga. -- The Macon, Ga. Police Department wanted a secure information repository, secure delivery and complete audit for its management of sensitive data between internal departments and outside agencies within the region. The department needs to handle sensitive electronic files and messages among its many departments and trusted external partners.

The department has implemented a secure repository and Internet delivery system for sensitive files and messages. The Securit-e-Vault software provides simple management of electronic data within a secure online repository, and access to that information with a Web browser. It gives users from both internal and external departments of the city's government, as well as regional and state government, the ability to easily share and collaborate on critical information.

"The Police, Fire Department, Emergency Services and the County Sheriff's office all see an opportunity to share vital homeland security data within the region," said C. Jack Ellis, mayor of Macon. The software will help manage and disseminate sensitive information between municipalities within the region and statewide. The new system should allow staff to quickly and securely communicate and respond to potential situations that might involve the safety and security of various communities.

The system offers the same basic feature set as e-mail, without the virus attacks, spam and known security exploits that permeate e-mail communication systems today. The secure, server-based communication system requires no public key system or virtual private network, and uses the power and connectivity of the global Internet while automatically and transparently keeping information protected.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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