Michigan City Gets CAD

Detroit to implement computer aided dispatch system

by / June 18, 2003
DETROIT -- The city of Detroit, Michigan has selected an automated dispatch system for police and fire employees. CompuDyne's public safety and justice unit, Tiburon, will provide the system, which will allow police and fire dispatchers to respond to and manage 911 calls more efficiently. In the case of a multi-agency response, inter-agency data will be available to dispatchers in real time.

In addition to mobile communications, features include mobile mapping and automatic vehicle location for all police units. When a call for service is dispatched from the communications center to a mobile unit, an icon will appear on the mobile map highlighting the location of the incident, surrounding incidents, and all units in the area. Devices installed in the police vehicles will track the exact location of the vehicle and assist in determining the shortest route to the incident.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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