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NYPD Headquarters Establishes Security System

Biometric readers to improve security

by / July 23, 2003
NEW YORK -- The New York Police Department has deployed a security system at One Police Plaza in New York City using Bioscrypt fingerprint readers.

By the end of the year, more than 50,000 police and civilian employees will be issued new badges containing a fingerprint credential. The system utilizes contactless smart card technology for the badge, and a combination fingerprint scanner and contactless smart card reader for access control. Once completed, the system will verify authorized police and civilian employees by comparing the fingerprints of the person bearing the badge against the information stored on a smart card.

The One Police Plaza project is a test case for all of New York's 200,000 city and state employees. The system will allow quicker access to thousands of users and afford tighter controls over who is accessing the building.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
E.REPUBLIC Platforms & Programs