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New Haven PD Streamlines Juvenile and Adult Booking

Connecticut cops improve investigation process.

by / November 6, 2003
NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- The New Haven Police Department, Conn., sought a way to simplify its booking system for juvenile and adult booking procedures.

The department has selected a crime capture system (CCS) to streamline its juvenile and adult booking as well as its investigative procedures. The system will let staff capture, store and retrieve criminal mug shots, images and data for a more complete digital booking, identification and investigative process.

ImageWare's CCS enables officers to capture images including mug shots, scars, marks and tattoos, in addition to related text information. This information can be retrieved to create photo lineups and mug books; generate wanted posters; print employee, visitor or inmate ID cards or wristbands; and more.

Optional add-on modules enable users to search the database for potential suspects based on facial recognition technology and to access CCS data and images via the Web or wirelessly, via a mobile data terminal or PDA.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
E.REPUBLIC Platforms & Programs