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Vail, Colo. Adopts Integrated Public Safety System

Advanced technology to manage emergencies.

by / November 20, 2003
VAIL, Colo. -- The Vail Public Safety Communications Center in Eagle County, Colo., needed a system to provide dispatching functionality and that would allow the county's law enforcement agencies to integrate its current existing databases into a single law enforcement records management system (RMS), at the same time providing a higher level of incident management for the Fire and EMS agencies.

The town has selected a fully integrated computer aided dispatch (CAD), RMS, jail management (JMS), fire records management (Fire RMS), and mobile data computing (MDC) system. The Communications Center and the 12 public-safety agencies it dispatches for selected the Intergraph Public Safety system based on its integration of systems, functional flexibility and advanced mapping technology.

Paul Smith, communications manager for Eagle County's 911 Center stated, "The seamless integration of the CAD, police and fire RMS, jail management, mobile data system and integrated mapping will allow the county's agencies to meet the ever increasing volume and needs of their callers."

Eagle County is centrally located in the Rocky Mountains and covers an area of 1,680 square miles of mountainous terrain. With over two million skiers per season, the need for a strong emergency management system was paramount to ensuring the safety and well-being of not only its citizens, but also the millions of tourists who visit each year.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
E.REPUBLIC Platforms & Programs