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Nick Crossley

Director, Hamilton County, Ohio, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency

Nick Crossley, Director, Hamilton County, Ohio, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency
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Nick Crossley has served in a variety of high-profile leadership roles during his 19 years as an emergency manager. He is immediate past president of the International Association of Emergency Managers, serves as a member of the FEMA Region 5 Advisory Committee and is on the Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee and the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Subcommittee of the National Association of Counties.

Through it all, he’s been a tireless advocate for interoperability, which is why he’s so proud of Alert HC, Hamilton County, Ohio’s mass notification system he helped develop.

“It’s almost a one-stop shop for emergency notification,” he said. “It’s simple to use and goes to any of the platforms we connect with. It has the capability to allow you to register for any type of alert that might impact the Hamilton County area.”

The system can reach all landlines in the county and any website it’s connected to, access the county’s social media feeds and the Emergency Management and Homeland Security app, and activate the Wireless Emergency Alert system and the Emergency Alert System from a central location that ensures a unified, consistent message, according to Crossley.

The system is also joined with Smart911, allowing for enhanced 911 capability. “People can register a unique need or gate code or give first responders information about pets or children, medical conditions, sight or hearing issues,” Crossley said.

Crossley said if he had one wish it would be for a database of cellphone numbers from county residents. “We can get the landline numbers from the phone company. We still have people [on cellphones] expecting to get the message, whether they’re registered or not.”

Another simple wish from Crossley: “tools that are simple to use but increase communication between us and our community and constituents.”
Jim McKay is the editor of Emergency Management magazine.