Autonomous Vehicles: Coming to a Road Near You (If They're Not There Already)

Across the nation, states are passing autonomous vehicle legislation and in some cases these vehicles are already roaming the roads. Here’s a look at where autonomous vehicles are and where they’re going.

by / July/August 2018
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Clear definitions on the levels of autonomy ensure government and the private sector are on the same page when it comes to setting policy. However, autonomous vehicles could pump up to $2 trillion into the U.S. economy by 2050, according to research from Intel and research firm Strategy Analytics.

Tesla, for example, currently has high-end electric vehicles on the market that require humans to monitor the vehicle’s driving. Waymo, a self-driving car project under Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is far along in the process of developing Level 5 cars. The company’s AVs, for example, collectively drive approximately 25,000 autonomous miles per week, which is largely performed on city streets.

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