Tyler Technologies Acquires Data Pioneer Socrata

Plus, VaultRMS also acquired, RapidSOS raises $16M plus more...


Tyler Technologies Acquires Socrata In what is sure to be some of the biggest gov tech business news of the year, Tyler Technologies has purchased the open data pioneer Socrata. Though Socrata will still continue to work with non-Tyler systems, the move will mean close — nigh-automatic, even — integration between Tyler's data-holding software and Socrata's data-sharing software.

VaultRMS also Acquired When it rains, it pours. Shortly after the Tyler-Socrata news, VaultRMS also announced it had been acquired. Envisage Technologies, which offers training and compliance software aimed at emergency responders, has purchased VaultRMS and its Exposure Tracker product. The twist is that, as a result of the acquisition, Exposure Tracker will now be offered for free.
RapidSOS Raises $16M The company, which provides incident-specific data to emergency responders, got Microsoft Ventures and other big names in on the round. But don't call it a Series B.
Munetrix's New Product Aims to Make Teacher Evaluation Easier The company, which offers data solutions to both local government and education, is out with a new product meant to make it easier to evaluate educators using multiple data streams.
Kansas Debuts New Digital Services Platform The state has launched its PayIt-based digital services platform, iKan, with motor vehicle services serving as the first functionality. But it plans on rolling out more features soon.


How Much Bitcoin Have Ransomware Hackers Extorted? The answer isn't an easy one to arrive at, but researchers have come up with estimates based on known ransomware attacks. The MIT Technology Review has more details here.


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