Top Tech-Savvy States in Nation Announced

The top 25 most tech-savvy states in the nation have been announced as a result of the Center's 2008 Digital States Survey, a comprehensive biannual review of digital solutions and best practices among state governments.

State chief information officers and senior executives from across the nation participated in the survey which benchmarks progression in digital government. It covered a wide range of areas from infrastructure to online applications and new Web 2.0 technologies provided to citizens. This year's survey also included a first-in-nation measure of sustainability efforts, especially in the area of green IT.

2008 Digital States Survey Top 25

1st Utah

2nd Michigan

3rd Virginia

4th Arizona

5th California

6th Washington

7th Kentucky

8th South Dakota

9th Maryland

10th Tennessee (tie)

10th Pennsylvania (tie)

11th Kansas

12th Arkansas

13th Georgia

14th Maine

15th New Jersey

16th Mississippi

17th North Dakota

18th New York (tie)

18th Nebraska (tie)

19th Minnesota

20th Massachusetts

21st Wisconsin (tie)

21st Louisiana (tie)

22nd North Carolina

23rd Colorado

24th Missouri

25th Alabama

Cathilea Robinett, executive vice president of the Center, said, "Since our inaugural survey in 1997, we've seen a steady advance in the quality of technology solutions implemented by state governments for their citizens. The bar is constantly being raised by public sector technology leaders creating topnotch services. This year's list represents the very best of many outstanding states."

The exclusive sponsor of this year's survey was Verizon Business.

"We tip our hat to states across the nation that are deploying new technologies and advanced services. As the lines between voice, video and data converge, visionary state leaders are redefining the business of government,'' said Alex Coleman, group president for Verizon Business government and education markets. "As more and more states are deploying advanced services they are realizing a real benefit for those who live and work in their states.''