Accela: Better Government through Civic Engagement


Erica Harvill

Accela provides the leading civic engagement platform, powering thousands of services and millions of transactions daily for large and small public agencies worldwide. We connect governments to people and accelerate and streamline core civic land management, licensing, asset management and public health and safety processes:

  • Land Management: Facilitate the regulatory activities for use and development of land resources within your jurisdiction, including permitting and inspections, planning and zoning, and code enforcement.
  • Licensing: Regulate occupational and operational activity that requires registration, accreditation and renewal, such as alcohol beverage control, business, occupational and professional, and real estate licensing.
  • Asset Management: Monitor the operation, maintenance, upgrade and disposal of tangible and intangible assets, including public works, parks and recreation, wastewater collection and more.
  • Public Health and Safety: Promote and enforce the health, safety and quality of life in your community, including fire safety; health inspections for restaurants, hospitals and more; and rapid damage assessment.

Together with our partners, Accela can custom-tailor solutions based on precise agency specifications or deploy packaged solutions in a matter of a few weeks. Accela’s Civic Cloud includes a complete platform and cloud-based, office, mobile and social applications to support government agency, business and citizen needs.

Accela’s public sector experience, proven technology and passion for civic innovation make us the platform of choice for agencies seeking to improve government and community engagement. At Accela, civic excellence + civic engagement = civic good.

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