Colorful Internet History Chronicled on Facebook

Internet education company Grovo used the Facebook timeline to outline a history of the Internet that goes back to May 4, 1536.

by / August 31, 2012

A history of the Internet was created using Facebook's timeline feature by Internet education company Grovo. The timeline, which goes back to the year 1536, includes important dates like 1983, when the Internet was born, and 1978, when the first spam email was sent over the ARPANET. And in 1900, deep sea divers discovered the Antikythera mechanism, an analog computer dating back to around 1 BC.

The purpose of the timeline is to continue Grovo's mission of providing “high-quality Internet education.” The project is an example of how social media can be used in unexpected ways. Similar uses of social media, such as the real-time WW2 twitter project, provide insight into the future of the Internet landscape by exploring innovative uses of technology.

“Many can still recall their first professionally-questionable AOL email addresses, while others can date the first time they watched a YouTube video,” Grovo's first timeline post reads. “As we’ve grown, so too has the Internet - and that’s exactly what we hope to share with this project, calling out some of our favorite moments from the Internet’s storied, complex, fun and memorable history. ”

To find out what happened in 1536 that was so darned important, visit Grovo's Internet History on Facebook.