at the governor's Web site ... The objective is really to ensure we are managing our programs well and ensure we're achieving the performance that was identified as both the governor and Legislature chose to make investments in agency programs as the budget is coming together."

Robinson said that the three essential components for the successful management of state service programs are personnel, finances and technology. A panel will be composed of the Governor's Office, CIO, and directors of the Budget and Personnel offices, which will focus on the state's enterprise initiatives. "We will be assisting agencies in ensuring that they are performing their responsibilities and achieving the results that we expect by the funds that they receive," said Robinson.

Washington has a biennial budget, and the new budget year starts July 1, with the budget approved by the Legislature several months ago.

Robinson said that the state is doing an initial review related to consolidating agency information numbers into a centralized 3-1-1 call center. Also, the state has looked at enterprise architecture and wants to build upon integrated architectural design, he explained. Jim Albert said the state was developing an enterprise architecture for geographic systems, and as soon as that is complete, the standard will be sent to the Information Services Board for approval.

Wayne Hanson  |  Editor, e.Republic Digital Publications