Google Reveals Data Center Photos

Users can view 54 colorful photos of Google's data centers around the world, explore the facilities with Street View, and gain insight into how one of the most influential companies in technology operates.

by / October 17, 2012

It could be pride, or maybe they're just running out of things to document, but Google is offering an an online slideshow of eight of its data centers, complete with Google Street View. The public doesn't know for sure how many data centers Google has, but as of Oct. 17, users can tour the Internet giant's huge facilities through a new website.

Release of the website coincides with a Wired magazine article about how Google runs its data centers and represents an unprecedented look into the company's operations. Google has data centers in Berkeley County, S.C.; Council Bluffs, Iowa; The Dalles, Ore.; Douglas County, Ga.; Lenoir, N.C.; Mayes County, Okla.; St. Ghislain, Belgium; and Hamina, Finland.

In addition to the photo gallery and Street View tours of the facilities, users can also watch a short video tour of one data center. Google reports it has more than 1 billion users worldwide and as the company has grown, it has received an increasing number of privacy complaints. Some speculate that the decision to release photos and virtual tours of their facilities was to calm worries about invasion of privacy by finally revealing the wizard behind the curtain.

To check out the slideshow, visit Google's new data center website.