Google's Anti-Aging Project Calico Makes Web Debut

Announced in September, the company’s spin-off will study aging and a new site provides a few details into Calico's inner workings.

by News Staff / August 13, 2014

Of Google’s many side projects, Calico may be the most ambitious and it now has a dedicated website. Calico is Google’s effort to combat aging — after the company was formed in September, Time magazine featured Calico on its cover, asking, "Can Google solve death?"

Beyond its stated mission of extending the human lifespan, Calico’s workings have been thus far somewhat mysterious. The new website offers just a little in the way of explaining what the company is working on.

“We’re tackling aging, one of life’s greatest mysteries,” the website copy reads. “Calico is a research and development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan. We will use that knowledge to devise interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives. Executing on this mission will require an unprecedented level of interdisciplinary effort and a long-term focus for which funding is already in place.”

As announced in September, the company was founded and will be run by Arthur Levinson, former CEO of biomedical corporation Genentech and current chairman of the board at Apple. The new website reveals five other team members, which include Hal Barron, former chief medical officer of pharmaceutical group Hoffmann-La Roche; David Botstein, a Princeton University genomics professor; Cynthia Kenyon, a researcher in biology and genetics from the University of California at San Francisco; Robert Cohen, former Genentech oncology researcher; and Jonathan Lewis, an executive from Brussels-based multinational UCB Pharma.

The new website provides little other information outside biographical information for each team member and a careers section stating that job openings will be posted when they become available.