Public-Sector CIOs Make Top 20 List to Follow on Twitter

Picked by I-CIO, a digital platform for global IT thought leadership from Fujitsu, the list includes public- and private-sector executives from the U.S. and abroad.

by / September 3, 2014
Palo Alto, Calif., CIO Jonathan Reichental Jessica Mulholland

Who are the most social CIOs in the public sector? According to I-CIO, a digital platform for global IT thought leadership from Fujitsu, which created a list of  20 tech executives to follow on Twitter, there are six public-sector leaders from the U.S. and abroad who we should all be following for their digital insight, business inspiration and more.

The authors explain that “government CIOs are well represented in our list, possibly because as public servants they feel they should communicate their activities more openly than others. But the rest of the line-up is drawn from a broad set of industries, and includes IT leaders from energy, fashion, telecoms, retail, finance and CPG.”

Here are the six most social public-sector CIOs as determined by I-CIO:


David Bray
CIO, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission
Handle: @fcc_cio
Location: USA
Followers: 70,400
Scope: Tech insight, informal comment, open dialog
Tweet example: What I’ve seen in last 15+ years: centralized solutions fail, edge-based-IT-empowerment succeeds @digiphile @usgsa @govfresh #Intrapreneurs
Why follow: Great content curating plus conversations with other big thinkers
Frequency: 5-10 times daily


Robert Schmidt
CIO, California Department of Food and Agriculture
Handle: @ambassadorcio
Location: USA
Followers: 68,200
Scope: Intersperses tech top 10s, how-tos and infographics with innovation quotations
Tweet example: “Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects…the quality of the connections is the key to quality.” – Charles Eames
Why follow: Senior government agency executive leading IT at $400m state department
Frequency: 5-10 times daily


Jonathan Reichental
CIO, City of Palo Alto
Location: USA
Handle: @Reichental
Followers: 3,670
Scope: Smart cities, open government, public sector IT
Tweet example: U.S. Digital Services Playbook:
Why follow: Passionate about digital government and use of IT to improve society
Frequency: Daily


Jos Creese
CIO, Hampshire County Council
Handle: @JosCreese
Location: UK
Followers: 3,100
Style: Open commentary on pubic sector IT; digital challenges for CIOs
Tweet example: Overwhelming support for joined-up health records ... Of course we do .. lets do it!
Why follow: Public-sector insights combined with a personal perspective on digital
Frequency: 3-4 times per week


Sonny Hashmi
CIO, U.S. Government Services Agency
Handle: @sonny_h
Location: USA
Followers: 2,760
Scope: Cloud, gadgets, design, digital government
Tweet example: Dropped a “let’s keep it weird” in an interagency strategy meeting today. Achievement unlocked!
Why follow: CIO managing the government agency’s $600 million IT budget always keen to learn and share digital know-how
Frequency: Daily


Rick Holgate
CIO, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Handle: @rickholgate
Location: USA
Followers: 2,570
Scope: Security, government tech/business engagement, cross-agency cooperation
Tweet example: Persistent and scary theme throughout #AspenSecurity: we’re in a pre-9/11 moment when it comes to cyber #yikes
Why follow: Insider US government IT chat
Frequency: Daily

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