San Diego County to Modernize Criminal Case Management System

The new system will provide real-time updates, data transfers, data exchanges and alerts to more than 50 agencies.

by / August 15, 2014

San Diego County intends to take its 1970s-era case management system off the mainframe in a project officials hope will make life easier for the Sheriff’s Department, Superior Court and 50 other agencies.

The Criminal Case Management System, Called “JURIS,” provides real-time updates, data transfers, reports, forms, data exchanges, alerts and other features. The system is currently housed in an IBM mainframe in a Hewlett-Packard Tier 4 data center located in Plano, Texas, according to county documents. HP manages the county’s IT.

JURIS is built on legacy COBOL code with VSAM file storage, and the county wants to migrate to a Wintel platform and Microsoft SQL Server Database.

“The county mainframe users share the cost of the mainframe and there is a concerted effort by most departments to migrate to a more cost effective platform that is easier to maintain. San Mateo County took this plunge in 2006 with a very similar project and their success is proof that not only is it time to make this move, but that ideas once considered risky and leading edge are now very attainable,” the county says in an RFP seeking a vendor to migrate the legacy system.

San Diego County hopes to have the modernized system up and running in 2016.

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