August 2010

Federal Stimulus Grants for a Sacramento, Calif., Utility and Others Spur Smart Grid Activity

Smart meters, electric vehicle charging stations and home energy management systems among technologies funded.

New Federal Energy Policy May Result in 1 Million Electric Vehicles on U.S. Roads

New technology would enable the grid to have a mutually beneficial relationship with the electric-dependent plug-in vehicles.


Cleveland Neighborhoods Testing Ultra High-Speed Broadband in University Study

Case Western Reserve University brings ultrafast Internet to area neighborhoods just to see what happens next.

Point of View

Smart-Grid Initiative May Signal Step Toward Energy Independence (Opinion)

Sacramento, Calif., utility plans smart meters to let consumers track energy use; improved use of renewable energy.


Local Governments Cut Health-Care Costs With Free On-Site Health Clinics for City Workers

Lakeland, Fla., provides basic medical services to city workers and saves $1 million by reducing insurance claims.

CIO Profile

CIO Chad Kirkpatrick Discusses Arizona E-Mail Consolidation

Desktop virtualization and online licensing among other Arizona CIO's priorities.

Public Safety

Ankle Bracelet Tracks Sobriety 24/7, Monitoring Offenders of Alcohol-Related Crimes

Alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet helps free up prison beds by remotely monitoring offenders.

Los Angeles to Test Simulation Model That Predicts Criminals' Reactions to Increased Policing

Math-based computer simulation model analyzes how different crime hot spots respond to increased policing.

Up Close

Practical iPhone Apps

Top iPhone apps for the IT-minded.

Green Technology

Reno, Nev., Puts Wind Turbines on City Hall Roof

With turbine and solar energy projects, city officials expect to reduce energy use by 25 percent and save $1 million a year.


Are Digital Copy Machines Really a Security Concern?

Governments could unintentionally release data to identity thieves if proper measures for software disposal aren't taken.

Electronic Government

Shelby County, Tenn., Deploys Mobile Cashiers, Processes $1.1 Million in Property Taxes

Innovative program sends tax collectors into the community with tech tools to reach taxpayers who prefer personal assistance.

Product News

Product Review: Able Planet NC300 Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Headphones offer exceptional sound quality and can be used with iPhones, iPods, MP3 players and hearing aids.

New Products from Motion Computing, BlueAnt, Lenovo

Tablet PC, handsfree speakerphone, all-in-one desktop computer


IT Trends: Artificial Intelligence Doctor Smartphone App, Brazil's All-Digital Census

Facebook, Twitter reach new user heights; UK phishing e-mails.