February 2002

The Invisible State

Within five years, many government services may be delivered to citizens through indirect channels.

Planting Data Gardens

Government data warehouses in some states and localities are turning out to be huge, and so are the returns on investment.

No Time to Grieve

New York City's technology team took on immense new challenges in the wake of Sept. 11.

Automatic Solutions

Rising caseloads and shrinking resources have welfare agencies thinking of technology more than ever.


ADAM Makes An Impact

Wireless technology is helping locate missing children.

Point of View

Everyday Heroes of E-government

Everyday Heroes of E-government

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

David Martinez

Geo Info

Let's Make a Deal

New Jersey and its counties are finding common ground through GIS.


Making a Statement

All levels of government are striving to meet new financial accounting standards.

Social Services

Calming the HIPAA Hiccups

While state and local agencies struggle to comply with HIPAA's deadlines, computer firms rush to offer helpful tools and advice.

Shunning PARIS

A system designed to reduce improper public assistance payments has already saved millions of tax dollars, but a majority of states don't use it.

Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizen


Passing the Word

New Mexico's health alert network gives public health officials several ways to share information.





Government Technology Spectrum

Government Technology Spectrum