PAST ISSUES / June 2011

Cash-Strapped Local CIOs Test Flexibility of Software Licenses

Restrictive software licenses obstruct innovative ways of cutting IT costs, say some CIOs.

Emerging Technology

PlayStation 3 Clusters Providing Low-Cost Supercomputing to Universities

Air Force Research Laboratory’s Condor Supercomputer pays off as researchers publish results in several fields, including astrophysics.


Boston Area Trains to Save Fuel and Cut Pollution

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority beefs up its rail fleet with energy-efficient locomotives.


CIOs Become Business Process Experts

Mission pivot means being more flexible with agency methods.


Governments Across the Globe Face Similar Changes

From cloud computing to social media policy, governments face challenges worldwide.

Point of View

State and Local Governments Keep Saving Amid Slow Economic Growth

As the economy slowly recovers, CIOs still work to cut costs.


Digital Cameras and Bluetooth Ease Travel Through Houston Airports

Modern technology may help the Houston Airport System take some hassle out of air travel.


IT Trends: Robot Insects, Movement-Powered Nanogenerators

Microbes that could drive down biofuel costs.

Tech Support

China to Build World’s Largest Data Center

New data center in China will be six times larger than any that currently exists.

Four Questions

North Carolina CIO Discusses Infrastructure and Cloud Computing

Jerry Fralick talks about managing expectations and supporting more federal-state collaboration.