May 2002

Houston Lifts Off

Houston Lifts Off

Brownfield Resurrection

The combination of GIS and the Internet is helping federal, state and local governments turn abandoned brownfields into valuable real estate.

Helping the Homeless

Under a federal mandate, government and nonprofit agencies are installing Web-based technology to track and help the nation's homeless.

Secrets of a Successful IT Campaign

Support from elected officials and top executives is key to the success of electronic government.


Wireless Safety Net

Location technology could mean the difference between life and death for cellular phone users.

A Model System

Pennsylvania's justice network, which helped the FBI track terrorists, is shaping up as a standard for future systems.

Local Government

The Homeland Security Money Trail

Local governments are first in line to respond to any emergency situation, but they often find themselves last in line when it comes to funding emergency preparedness.

Busting Bootleggers

Florida's Alachua County is $1 million richer thanks to aggressive efforts to target "bootleg" cellular sites.

Point of View

Name-Brand Government

Name-Brand Government

Geo Info

A Rising Star

GIS is becoming more critical to state and local governments. Here are some of the latest ways it's being employed around the country.

CIO Profile

Jesse Jones: Columbus, Ohio

Jesse Jones: Columbus, Ohio


Beware the Blow Back

Beware the Blow Back



Mapping Government IT

Electronic Government

First-Class Operation

California's EDD has become a lean tax-processing machine.

A Tight Net Against Terror

By sharing information stored in federal, state and local databases, governments hope to keep deadly plotters from slipping through the cracks.

Caring for the Masses

Massachusetts hopes to provide better service through its health and human services agencies by centralizing data and linking agencies.


Response Mode

Brent Woodworth is a worldwide segment manager of IBM's Crisis Response Team. He's coped with earthquakes, floods and a host of other disasters. One thing he's learned is that it pays to be prepared.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

Panasonic, Crime Analysis Associates, LaCie, Sharp Electronics