PAST ISSUES / November 2003

Continuing the Revolution

Crime tracking concept evolves into powerful government management tool.

Insecurity Complex

The ease with which the Blaster worm crippled government networks and one state's security scandal show just how vulnerable the public sector is.


Digital Democracy's Defining Moment

The 12-month countdown for electronic voting.



Mapping government IT


Auto - Mobile Insurance

New mobile VPN technology seeks to ensure automatic security is available to the wireless world.

Geo Info

The Right Site

Nampa's new GIS tool points business real-estate shoppers to suitable properties.

Point of View

CompStat's Driving Force

CompStat's Driving Force

Product News

Product News

IOGEAR, T2 Systems, IT WatchDogs, Toshiba America Information Systems


Security Steps

Confronting existing and potential security vulnerabilities doesn't have to make a CIO the bad guy.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon

CIO Profile

Robin Siss

Commissioner, Vermont Department of Information and Innovation


Forging a Link

Coplink plugs investigators into several data sources with one query.

Local Government

Packing Lightly

Seattle works to reduce the amount of packaging it receives with each new PC.