October 2008

International Projects Offer Solutions to Universal Problems

A global perspective on portal design, public transit and information management.


Police Use Low-Frequency Sound to Clear the Road

New technology warns distracted drivers of approaching emergency vehicles.

Big Picture

Texas Advanced Computing Center Unveils Monster Supercomputer

Giant research computer consists of 82 Dell server blades.

Point of View

Point of View: Charting a New Course

Election focuses world's attention on America.


New Technologies Cut Cost of Government IT Deployments

Open source and hosted applications help agencies stretch budget dollars.


Interactive Technology Engages Library of Congress Patrons

New applications enrich experience for in-person and online visitors.

Geo Info

Florida Creates Plan for Statewide Coordination of Geospatial Data

Florida Division of Emergency Management spearheads new statewide GIS coordination.

Records Management

Hosted Applications Cut Document Management Costs

Online document management offers benefits -- but some worry about security.

Public Safety

Wireless Sensors Reduce Flooding in Indiana City

South Bend fights wastewater overflows with a wireless network that senses and controls the sewer environment.

On the Scene

GIS Users Converge in San Diego

CIOs and vendors rub elbows at Denver IT summit.

Strategic Computing

Agencies Improve Accessibility of Web-based Information

Enlightened development strategies remove obstacles for individuals with disabilities.

Product News

Products from Targus, Newton Peripherals, Dell, Das Keyboard

Laptop case, presenter mouse, PC and keyboard news.

Verizon XV6900 Smartphone Packs Plenty of Productivity

But without mobile TV or music services, this baby is all business.