September 2005

Finding a Way

Work force issues test the public sector's human resources strategy.

Digital Again

Converting paper documents to digital is making a comeback.

Top Dogs

Winners of the 2005 Digital Counties Survey stress easy access to online services.


Wireless Watchdog

Mesh network helps high-school administrators clamp down on violence and vandalism.

On the Wire

Arizona tracks Western Union wire transfers to thwart immigrant smugglers.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Unsuccessful Explore-ation

Great in the rain -- but can it swim?

Local Government

Head of the Class

The University of North Carolina launches a certification program to groom CIOs for success in city and county government.

Modern Mapmaker

Grass-roots combination of GIS and Google improves access to Chicago crime information.

Point of View

Generation Gap

Generation Gap

Geo Info

Protecting Agriculture

Illinois plans GIS to safeguard against attacks or respond to disease outbreaks.


Catch That Bug!

A telemedicine system in Rochester, N.Y., day-care centers works so well that local schools want to add the equipment to their facilities.

CIO Profile

Steve Lewis

Information Technology Director, Data Processing Department, Delaware County, Ohio


Methodology to Our Madness

It may be the only real choice IT owns.

Electronic Government

Public-Sector Payola

New York offers online access to data about city contractors and lobbyists. How far does this really go toward ending corruption in campaign finance?


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

Westell, SOYO Group, Canon, Dell