Management Server and Master Pages software to provide multiple looks and feels for the same content, O'Neil said.

One of the first orders of business for the VRP project is to develop Web sites for some smaller counties that did not have "a serious Web presence" in the past, Excell said. Counties that already have sophisticated Web sites will simply take advantage of the state's back-end infrastructure to import the functions they want to add to their sites.

Although the deadline for establishing a HAVA-compliant VRDB has passed, some states don't have a live centralized database yet. Excell said the federal government has been lenient with those states, as long as they've been able to show they're making progress.

Several states have borrowed individual features from Washington state's system, with New York showing particular interest.

"The New York State Elections Commission has been out several times," Excell said. "There are several features in our system that match their system nicely."

Merrill Douglas  |  Contributing Writer