Gartner Analyst: U.S. Open Government Directive Is 'Disappointing'

Andrea DiMaio says the federal government's conception of Web 2.0 only flows in one direction.

by / December 9, 2009
Andrea DiMaio, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Inc. Photo courtesy of Gartner

Photo: Gartner Analyst Andrea DiMaio

The Obama administration's release Tuesday of the Open Government Directive for federal agencies excited the White House IT brain trust, but it wasn't lauded by everyone.

Gartner Analyst Andrea DiMaio wrote in a blog post that the plan that will institutionalize transparency, collaboration and accountability across the federal government relies upon "codified, institutional collaboration" that doesn't recognize that government workers must be able to interact with external communities to drive the effective use of open data.

DiMaio writes that the directive "risks turning into yet another exercise in compliance."

Read DiMaio's full thoughts on his blog.